Hoikka Shake (High Protein Meal Replacement)

Hoikka Shake (High Protein Meal Replacement)

Wholesome Meal Replacement with Coco Banana Flavours
Main Function:
- Burns fats cut cholesterol absorption
- Helps in weight control
- Helps in accelerates metabolism
- Helps in strengthens gastrointestinal motility
- Helps in taking good care of the stomach
- Helps in lower blood pressure & cholesterol
- Increase muscle mass
- Helps drain the swelling

Main Ingredients
- Almond, Walnut, Oats, Pea Protein, Isolated Soy Protein, Glycine, Coconut Oil, Whey Protein, Avocado Extract, Banana, 7 Types of Probiotics

Lumina Eye Care (S)

Lumina Eye Care (S)

Enhance Vision concentration, Sharpness, eye health (Lutein, Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, 10x Anthocyanin)

Digital gadgets such as computer, TV, tablets and smart phones have become a part of everyone’s life, not only in adults but also children. Most of the people spend more than two to three hours non-stop on digital gadgets, no matter for work or for leisure. Sooner or later, they complain about discomfort eyes and blurred vision, eye fatigue, eye straining, dry eyes, difficulty in focusing and so on.
The symptoms may due to:
● Long hours use of digital gadgets
● Stress of eye muscles
● Improper viewing distance
● Improper seating posture
● Poor lightning
● Sun damage
● Damage on retina by free radicals
● Uncorrected vision problems
● A combination of these factors

Why do you need Lumina?

Lumina sharpen your eyes
As we age, our body’s natural supply of lutein and zeaxanthin decreases, and since they are not synthesized in the body, it must be obtained from the diet or supplementation and is important to take every day. In addition, a range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is also needed to maintain and improve eye health and keep our mind sharp. Lumina is thus specially formulated to suit your busy and fast-paced lifestyle. It is a revolutionary antioxidant formula containing two superfoods – prunes and blueberry, as well as lutein and zeaxanthin with powerful combination of essential nutrients. 1 sachet a day is enough to nourish your eyes and fight against free radicals.
What makes Lumina different?
● 100% vegetarian source
● High in antioxidants
● Patented and clinical proven
● Formulated for easy absorption
● Suitable for kids
Lumina is a 100% vegetarian eye formula prepared using a patented process. If a product is processed in Hexane, it will be harmful if the residual solvents are not completely removed. This patented process is Hexane-free, making it a natural product with minimal residual solvents, thus ensure Lumina is safe and non-toxic.
The ingredients are microencapsulated to ensure highest quality of actives and excellent stability. With its unique protective layer & Nil Residual solvents, Lumina has a very high bioavailability for better absorption, safe and suitable for kid’s consumption. Its eye benefits have also been clinically proven by different studies.
Product highlight
● Natural plant extract with lutein, zeaxanthin, anthocyanin, vitamins and minerals
● Enhance vision concentration
● Enhance vision sharpness
● Support healthy eye function and preserve overall eye health 
● Maintain the density of the protective macular pigment of the retina 
● Protect against free radicals
Lumina incorporates three star ingredients – lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin which protect the macula from oxidative damage. It also contains vitamins & minerals to help strengthen the eyesight.




1 What is the recommended dosage for Lumina?
Tear open sachet and consume directly before meal. Take 2-3 sachets daily for the first 10days and subsequently 1 sachet daily.
2. How soon could I see the results?
It depends on the condition of your health as well as age and other factors. Everyone is unique, therefore, results will vary. Some benefits will be noticeable around 15-21 days, however, the best results usually take approximately 4-6 weeks of regular use.
3. Why should I take Lumina?
Most of the time, we do not consume sufficient amount of vitamin & minerals, antioxidant and phytoestrogen from our normal diet, which is crucial for eyes health. Lumina is a safe botanical formula which includes all the above nutrients to serve the purpose. With the natural plant & herbs extract, you can now resolve your problems without worrying about the side effects of drugs. Furthermore, the benefits are clinically proven.  
4. Is there any side effect from consuming Lumina?
To date, there are no known side effects reported to us.  Lumina contains only natural ingredients, is produced under strict quality control and quality assurance to ensure the safety of our consumers.
5. Can I take Lumina every day?
Yes, you may take every day to maintain good eyesight.

I-mmuplus Antibody Booster

I-mmuplus Antibody Booster

Key to a Heathy Body - Strong Immune System. Without a strong immune, our natural defense weakens, thus viruses, bacteria, fungi and other foreign subtances will find a good chance to invade our body system and multiply at speed. As the immune system remains weak for some time, more severe diseases may develop which makes you feel even sick. 

6 in 1 Simple Solution

  • Strengthen the immune & antibody system
  • Fight infection & inflammation
  • Protect the heart 
  • Potentially prevent low white blood cell count and increase red blood cells
  • Better digestion and gastrointesinal functions
  • Preventing disease like cancer and diabetes

WHY do you need I-mmuplus (Protection wih own soldiers)

One of the best ways to improve our immune system is by following a healthy diet and acquiring sufficient nutrients, such as Vitamins C and E, flavonoids, anthocyanins and carotenoids that can help us to comba various diseases and strengthen our immunity. Due to the high anti-inflammatory factors in I-mmuplus, it soothe the inflammatory response and reduce the torture of the symptoms, especially redness, increased heat, swelling, pain etc.

In addition, reduced inflammation in the body and preven many chronic diseases, including atherosclerosis. arthriitis and many other diseases where inflammation is the main culprit. Keeping a healthy immune system is the key to a healthy body, while the secret to a strong immune system requires a continuous supple of specific vitamin, antioxidants and other nutrients. Althought it is possible to acquire those nutrients from our regular diet, the amount obtained may not be enough to keep our immune system intact at all times since many factors may cause the loss of these nutrients.

I-mmuplus, an excellent product uses a comprehensive biotechnology formulation to combine powerful anioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients required for a healhy immune system. I supplies numerous essential nutrients all a once, thereby giving you a quick and effective solution in keeping your immune system on track.  




Lumina Hand Sanitizer (60ML)

Lumina Hand Sanitizer (60ML)

Lumina Natura Aroma Hand Sanitizer

1.Lemongrass smell

2.Food Grade alcohol


4.Kills 99% Harmful Germs

5.Baby safe formula


RM7.50 RM9.90


Lumina T-Shirt  Size: S (38 inc), M (40 inch), L (42 inch), XL (44 inch)


Team Building Shirt (Limited Edition)

Team Building Shirt (Limited Edition)

Team Building Shirt (Limited Edition) only available while stock last. 
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