1 What is the recommended dosage for Lumina?
Tear open sachet and consume directly before meal. Take 2-3 sachets daily for the first 10days and subsequently 1 sachet daily.

2. How soon could I see the results?
It depends on the condition of your health as well as age and other factors. Everyone is unique, therefore, results will vary. Some benefits will be noticeable around 15-21 days, however, the best results usually take approximately 4-6 weeks of regular use.

3. Why should I take Lumina?
Most of the time, we do not consume sufficient amount of vitamin & minerals, antioxidant and phytoestrogen from our normal diet, which is crucial for eyes health. Lumina is a safe botanical formula which includes all the above nutrients to serve the purpose. With the natural plant & herbs extract, you can now resolve your problems without worrying about the side effects of drugs. Furthermore, the benefits are clinically proven.  

4. Is there any side effect from consuming Lumina?
To date, there are no known side effects reported to us.  Lumina contains only natural ingredients, is produced under strict quality control and quality assurance to ensure the safety of our consumers.

5. Can I take Lumina every day?
Yes, you may take every day to maintain good eyesight.