Agent Term & Condition

Agent Term & Condition

Agency system:

1) All agents must register in BeQ system and join the BeQ WeChat/WhatsApp group to be regarded as authorized agents

2) Agents need to reach the minimum replenishment amount of their own level within three months according to their respective level levels, in order to retain the level, Lumina, I-mmuplus, Hoikka, peripheral goods, etc. can be mixed and matched replenishment, the App is to calculate the replenishment amount

3) The replenishment amount or franchise price must be equivalent to the pricing calculation of the Lumina eye vitamin level

4) Agents who have fallen down can be automatically upgraded back as long as they reach the original level replenishment within three months, and the highest level can only be the position that was once stuck. It is only calculated from the month of the downgrade to the 6-month period, beyond which the card must be charged at the original level

5) If the agent who has dropped the level reaches the replenishment amount within three months and upgrades back to the original level, the agent must notify customer service, and the customer service will adjust the price and the original level to you, and then its superior will return the difference into your wallet

6) All agents who tend to cut prices  and have not applied to the company for permission to sell Lumina Health Brand products on lazada, shoppee, carousel, etc. will be blacklisted, forfeit their Deposit and have their authorisation withdrawn permanently if found. Of course, we will also take legal action against her/him.

7) All peer & cross-level rebates are limited to one generation of straight superiors, and the source & rebate payments are the responsibility of the superior leader of the same level & cross-level (BeQ system will operate automatically)

8) Any small team under BeQ whose team replenishment volume reaches 1000 boxes/2000 boxes/4000 boxes within one month, will receive the corresponding team bonus from the company

9) Person tends to damage our brand name/company reputation, we will take legal action against him/her.